Workaround for Cura

With the original Weedo X40 firmware there is still the problem in connection with Ultimaker Cura (and other slicers except for Wiibulider) that the printer moves the print head over the print object when changing colors and waits there until the correct one Temperature has been reached or has stabilized. This can take one to several seconds and material can drip onto the print object.


I have developed a workaround to improve it. After the print head has moved over the print object, it immediately moves to the center and backwards. The printer then waits in this position until it can start printing.

To watch the full demo video, you have to download the video!


The workaround is not integrated in the X40 community configuration, as the problem can also be solved with X40 PRO Firmware.


For the workaround you have to change the definition files of the extruders (weedo_x40_extruder_left_0.def.json, weedo_x40_extruder_right_0.def.json). Please make a backup copy of the files before making any changes. The following must be added to both files:

"machine_extruder_start_pos_abs": { "default_value": true },

"machine_extruder_start_pos_x": { "default_value": 150 },

"machine_extruder_start_pos_y": { "default_value": 300 },

"machine_extruder_start_code": { "default_value": "; extruder start code\nG1 X{machine_extruder_start_pos_x} Y{machine_extruder_start_pos_y} F6000"}

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