Cura parameters to complete the Weedo X40 printer File Information page

In this article I would like to show you how you can embed additional information from Cura into the gcode and thus complete the Weedo X40 File Information page on the printer. The missing parameters have already been added to the current Cura X40 PRO configuration. In addition, I replaced the wrongly calculated weight with the start extruder in the current beta version of the X40 PRO firmware.

The additional information enables the dual mode button on the printer display.



The Weedo X40 is not good at handling gcode from Unix, Linux and MacOS. The preview image and additional information are then not displayed. A conversion from gcode unix2dos solves the problem. We have integrated the conversion into the Cura thumbnail plugin version 2.



When using the Ultimaker Cura Slicer, not all the necessary information for the File Information Page is provided by the printer. The layer height and print time is already embedded in the gcode by the Cura, but e.g. the material is missing.


At the very beginning of the Cura startcode, add the following (in one line) to complete the File Information page:

or ;Tool:T{initial_extruder_nr}-{machine_nozzle_size}\n


When using Weedo X40 stock firmware 1.2.5 you need to specify the density in order for the weight to be displayed. However, the weight is not very accurate.


You can embed a lot more information in the gcode. The structure is always the same. You can read here what you have to put in the brackets to read the parameter.

Of course, you can only calculate the material costs {filament_cost} for the print as you entered material costs in Cura.


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