Cura is the open source slicer from Ultimaker. The slicer can be adapted to almost any FDM printer using the appropriate configuration files. Cura is very popular due to its diverse setting options (over 100 settings). However, the program can also be used well by beginners if appropriate profiles for the material and quality have been created.

The X40 Community has started a project to create the appropriate material and quality profiles and the printer configuration files.  As an X40 Community member you have free access to the data.

If you don't know Cura yet, you can get a first impression on the page "How to start your first print in Ultimaker Cura" and "The Ultimaker Cura workflow explained". 


Cura Settings:


Cura Plugins

Cura can be expanded with over 50 plugins via the Ultimaker Marketplace. The following plugins are particularly interesting:

  • TapAntiWarping
    Add elements as rounded Tab to limit warping effect in print corner. Option t create a Capsule instead a Tab Limited by the possibility to use just a global : Support X/Y Distance
  • Cylindric Custom Support
    A cura plugin to add 5 types of custom supports

  • Linear Advance Settings
    Adds a Linear Advance Ratio setting for firmware that supports the LIN_ADVANCE feature (Doesn't work, Bug in Firmware, TMC 2208 Driver)

  • Arc Welder
    Converts multiple subsequent G0/G1 moves to G2/G3 arcs. This reduces the number of gcode commands necessary to make curved movements, thus potentially removing stutter caused by buffer under-runs in the 3d printer controller.


Cura Postprocessing-Scripts


The materials offered in the Ultimaker Marketplace are only for the Ultimaker printers with 2.85mm filament. X40 community members can, however, use the material and quality profiles provided by us to get very good results with little effort.

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