Increase Cura speed with plugin

Ultimaker Cura is not exactly the fastest software due to the Python programming language. Especially with many printing profiles, it becomes particularly slow.
The fact that the X40 community project supports over 50 filaments, each with 11 printing levels for each color, makes Cura particularly slow.

Not all filaments are almost always required, so I would like to show you here how you can only load your favorite materials without deleting configuration files.


The Cura Startup Optimiser Plugin

With the help of the Cura Startup optimiser plugin, you can simply suppress the print profiles released in the printer definition and then only release your favorite materials again.

Simply install the Start Optimiser plugin via the Cura Marketplace and after a restart click on Extensions -> Startup Optimizer -> Load only generic and custom materials.

After a restart, most materials are no longer displayed due to a blacklist.


Edit the blacklist

The blacklist can be found in the cura.cfg file at:

Of course you have to replace the XXX with your username. In the cura.cfg file you will find the suppressed materials in the [start_optimiser] section. All you have to do now is remove all the materials you want to use from the blacklist and restart Cura. Make a copy of the cura.cfg file before changing it. If there is an error, Cura will otherwise crash and, in extreme cases, you can reinstall Cura.

By clicking on Restore all configuration files you can undo everything if necessary. However, the blacklist is also deleted in the process.



With the latest X40 PRO Cura configurations, there is only one set of quality and intent profiles for the filament. Most of the time, black is the master color. So if the master color is suppressed by the blacklist, then all other colors from the filament will not work either. Therefore, please always remove or add all colors to the filament from the black list.



The plugin isn't exactly perfect. I've asked the developer to add a feature that will only show materials that are marked as favorites. Maybe there will be an easier solution in the future.


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