Cura Idex Plugin

The final specification for the Cura Idex plugin is ready. I am now looking for a programmer who will implement this for us for a fee. I hope the costs are not so high and the money raised by the X40 community is enough.


Weedo X40 Facebook group

The Weedo X40 Facebook group seems to be switched off at the moment. The reason is unknown.

If you would like to be in contact with other Weedo X40 users, you are cordially invited to join the X40 community group on Discord.


Black Week / Black Friday

Also this year, some filament manufacturers are taking part in "Black Week" or Black Friday.

Spare parts (Can be used for the Weedo X40 and the X40 PRO High Temperature upgrade)


Many thanks to everyone who made a relaunch of the X40 community homepage possible. The donations are enough to keep the homepage running for a year if they are not brought back.

However, the further development of the Ultimaker Cura configuration and the X40 PRO firmware requires more than the EUR 100 for operating the server.



Anyone who previously had access to the cloud and has not withdrawn the donation or distributed passwords or data is welcome to write to me a email for a new access. The promise remains that everyone only has to donate once to get access for the duration of the project if they follow the rules! However, the check and activation may take a few days. People who take part in the fundraiser are given priority and immediately receive a new account.

It may be that some links on the homepage no longer works. If you have problems, please log into the X40 Community Cloud and download the data directly from there.



Changelog X40 PRO Firmware

  • Added High Temperature (HT) variants (280-300°C). The material menu for the material feed has been revised for the HT variants. More Information see X40 PRO High Temperature upgrade and Youtube Video X40 PRO High Temperature upgrade
  • Runout Sensor control via gcode command fixed. The Runout function from the new Cura plugin 1.1 works now.
  • With the Z-Offset Tune function, the automatic bed leveling is replaced by the measurement data from the EEPROM.


Cura Idex Plugin

Programming of the Cura Idex plugin is planned for 2023. You can submit suggestions for improvement or changes until the end of November. It is still being clarified whether the representation of the copy and mirror parts in Duplicate or Mirror mode is possible without reprogramming Cura.


In the meantime, a lot has happened. The Cura configuration 1.2.0 for Ultimaker Cura 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 has been released to match the X40 PRO firmware with 25 point bed leveing. There is also a new Octopi Image (2022-09-10) that contains the adjustments for the firmware.

For those who prefer to watch videos than read the changelog, there is now a YouTube channel:


Changelog Ultimaker Cura Plugin for Weedo X40 PRO Revision 1.1.0

For bug-free function, the plugin should be used with the Cura X40 PRO Release 1.2.1 (Startscript Rev. 15) and X40 PRO Firmware

  • The gcode conversion for the bug workaround is now done automatically depending on the operating system
  • Add option "Use EEPROM data for mesh"
  • Add option "Print purge line"
  • Add option "Cool down build plate slowly"

For more information see Cura Plugins


Changelog Weedo X40 PRO Cura configuration 1.2.1 (Startscript Rev. 15) for Ultimaker Cura 5.0, 5.1, 5.1.1, 5.2 and 5.2.1

  • Start script and Weedo X40 PRO Cura Plugin 1.1.0 coordinated
  • Removed Linear Advanced factors from the printing profiles because they are not working.
  • New materials from Cura Release 5.2 suppressed because they are not working


Changelog X40 PRO Firmware

  • In release, bugs were found in the ending information in the variants X40V1 PRO, X40V2 PRO and X40V2 PRO BMG. Corrected firmware versions are now available for download in the cloud. 


Changelog "Ready to use" Octopi Image für Weedo X40 PRO Rev. 1.0.1

  • Fixed bug in Nozzle cleaning Tool 1 function
  • Operating system updated to the latest
  • The deactivation of Power-loss Recover has been commented out, since you have the same function with the new Cura plugin.


Changelog Filament trench Rev. 01 for Weedo X40 PRO

  • Improved mounting and adjustment
  • As with Weedo, 1mm PFTE plates for nozzle cleaning can now be installed to the right and left of the brush


Changelog Ultimaker Cura Plugin for Weedo X40 PRO

  • The new plugin for Cura 5.X replaces all previous plugins
  • 5 new functions
  • For more information see Cura plugin


Changelog X40 PRO Firmware

  • The reference coordinate system was shifted slightly to the right so that the right print head can move to X0 without colliding. The fix results in a new offset value. The nominal offset is no longer 353mm, but 347mm. Please don't forget to change the X offset by 5mm, otherwise the dual mode will not work. Also, the new park position of the left extruder is X-53. Cura 5.0.0 approaches X0 Y0 with some dual mode prints, which is not possible without the fix. When using the firmware, with a old Cura configuration, than start code must be adjusted! The parking position X-47 needs to be changed to X-53.
    Please use the customized Cura configuration 1.2.0 for Ultimaker Cura 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2

  • The corresponding parameters were adjusted against the heating failed error in dual mode with two filaments with a printing temperature of 260°C.
  • Bed leveling extended from 9 to 25 measuring points. With the additional measuring points, the printer can better compensate for the inaccuracy of the printing bed and this improves the adhesion of the first layer, especially with large prints.
  • The correction adjustment to the center point has been removed from the bed leveling display. The display thus corresponds to the mesh data from the EEPROM.
  • English translation has been slightly revised
  • Manual bed leveling has been optimized
  • Unnecessary bed leveling has been removed from Z Offset and replaced with M420 S1
  • Fixed the bed leveling crash after feeding filament to the right extruder


Changelog Weedo X40 PRO Cura configuration 1.2.0 (Startscript Rev. 14) for Ultimaker Cura 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2

  • Attention, this configuration for Cura 5.0 to 5.2 requires the X40 PRO firmware version and cannot be used with older firmware versions and the stock firmware without a crash!
  • Unnecessary parameters have been removed from the printer definition
  • The order of commands in the start code has been changed so that no measurement errors can occur due to the print bed heating (magnetic field).
  • Dependencies reduced. There is only one print profile set per Filament Arte and no longer for each color separately. The print profiles have been given a new name.
  • Preparations for print profiles with a 0.6mm nozzle have been integrated
  • The 3DJake print profiles have been restructured so that all colors can be selected again
  • Print profiles for 3DJake PLA Matt and PLA Glitter have been revised
  • Added new print profile for Tarfuse ENVI 1
  • Added new print profile for 3DJake ecoPLA Tough
  • Added new print profile for Polymaker PolyLite PLA
  • Added new print profile for Polymaker PolyLite PETG
  • The temperature steps Initial Printing Temperature and Final Printing Temperature have been removed. The temperature was equated with the printing temperature. In dual mode, the temperature only fluctuates between the printing temperature and the standby temperature. The print result is better with the Weedo X40 PRO. The slightly higher power consumption is negligible.
  • After bed leveling, the print head now returns to its parking position at double the speed.
  • The not allowed area and also the boundary line for the duplicate, mirror mode have been adapted to firmware


Changelog "Ready to use" Octopi Image für Weedo X40 PRO Rev. 1.0.0

  • The Octopi image has been updated and adapted to the X40 PRO firmware Using older firmware is not possible without adjusting the parking position or would cause a crash.
  • Since the Octoprint only works properly with the latest X40 PRO firmware, it has also been renamed X40 PRO.


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