Hello dear Weedo X40 users,

more than a year ago, the first Weedo X40 printers were delivered to the first user via the Kickstarter campaign. The firmware was very buggy at launch and apart from the Wiibuilder there were no configurations for Cura and other Silcers. So I took the trouble to create a configuration for the popular Ultimaker Cura and started the X40-Community.org project. With the help of the donations, a huge database with over 3500 printing profiles could be tested and created.

The result was integrated into Ultimaker Cura in a slimmed-down form. Ultimaker has rejected full integration. You can therefore only download the Cura configuration with the full range of functions from the X40-community.org homepage. Since Cura is constantly evolving, the configuration must be maintained.

Since the Weedo firmware does not work perfectly with Cura and also contains errors, I developed the X40 PRO firmware variant from the source code. The firmware has not only received improvements, but also functional extensions. The molded goods also need care to stay up to date. In order to be able to continue to maintain and operate the homepage and software, I ask for a donation. Without donations, the server cannot be paid for and the homepage has to be closed.


Why should I join the X40 community?


How can I become an X40 community member?

In order to be able to buy filament for the printer profile project, I had set the donation for the X40 community membership to a one-off amount of EUR 10. For business users 20EUR have to be paid. In order not to annoy any of the many donors, the amount of the contribution remains the same.


Your donation will be used 100% for the project! 


What happens to money that is not needed to run the servers? 

On the one hand, the money will be collected for operation in 2023, but if there is a significant surplus, we can also use it to pay programmers who create customizations for the Weedo X40. We have already done this successfully with the Thumbnail plugin for Octoprint. Thanks to a larger donation to the developer, we now have a special plugin in Octopi Image that can extract the images from the gcode and display them in Octoprint.


For further information please send an email to:  database(at)x40-community.org

If you want you can also write to me in German.



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