Wear parts, spare parts and tuning parts for Weedo X40

In the X40 community cloud you will find eDrawings with which you can view the printer and the individual parts on the Computer. You can use the Windows exe files with the integrateted viewer or download the eDrawing viewer.
The following eDrawings are available:

  • Weedo X40V1
  • Weedo X40V1 PRO
  • Weedo X40V1 PRO BMG




Wear parts

 Description  Dimension / standard   Items  Source of supply 


 For Ultimaker Cura with the X40 Community configuration it is recommended to use the supported materials.  

 Nozzle 0,4mm

 Long life MK8 nozzle  
 Nozzle 0,6mm  Long life MK8 nozzle  
 Nozzle 0,8mm  Long life MK8 nozzle    
 Silicon socket  MK8
  •  Sooway
 Build surface  310mm x 310mm
 Brush (copper wire)  12,5mm x 40mm


 Flexible Build System  310mm x 310mm



Spare parts

 Description  Dimension / standard   Items  Source of supply 
 Buildplate  Weedo X40  310mm x 310mm Buildplate Pei  
 Heatbed  Weedo X40  310mm x 310mm
 Hotend  Weedo X40  

Weedo X40 Nozzle kit

 LCD Display  Weedo X40  

Weedo 4.3'' Touch Screen for WEEDO 3D Printer X40, F152S, ME40 Pro, F192.

 Mainboard  Weedo X40  

Weedo Motherboard R73  for WEEDO X40

Relais Board  Weedo X40  Weedo Relais Bours for X40
 Extruder / Runout Sensor  Weedo X40  Extruder / Runout Sensor  
 Cooler  Weedo X40  Hotend heatsink   
 Power supply  Power Supply 24V 480W

JoyNano 480w 24v 20a ac-dc


 Heating cartridge

 24V 50W  


 100k Thermistor    
 Heatblock  MK8    

All-Metal MK8 Heatbreak for Weedo X40

Heat Break with M6 thread, diameter 6mm, Length 30-31mm and PTFE tube

Compatible with Makerbot 1 Dual, CTC Bizer, CTC Wanhao, Flashforge Creator


The heat brakes for Makerbot 1 DualCTC Bizer and Flashforge Creator are identical, but have no key area.

 Bowden cable

Outer diameter 4mm, inner diameter 2mm, length approx. 500mm Capricorn PFTE XS Bowden Tubing  


Depending on the extruder
PC4-M6 (for Weedo Extruder)


 Inductive proximity switch

M12x1 , Lenght 62mm

NPN, 6-36VDC,
4mm Distance

Connector JST-XH, 3 PIN


 Linear guide carriage

For Weedo X40 X-axis

 Type MGN12C

 Camera / Wifi Modul


 Cable and adapter board

 Weedo X40  



Tuning parts

 Description  Dimension / standard   Items  Source of supply 
X40-Community Part
Improved cooling system for the Weedo X40  
Fysetc BMG Extruder
LH / RH 
Full Metall Dual Gear
Extruder with 3:1 gear ratio 
An adapted firmware such as the X40 PRO BMG is required for use 
  BiMetall Heatbrake BiMetall Heatbrake for Creality CR6 SE  We need for temperatures above 260°C, so that the PFTE hose does not melt.
(X40 PRO HT Firmware required)
 MK8 Heatblock  20x20x10
 Micro Swiss Part: M2587

Micro Swiss Heater Block Upgrade with Silicone Sock for CR10 / Ender 2 / Ender 3 / ANET A8 Printers MK7, MK8, MK9 Hotends






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