Weedo X40 vs. Weedo X40 PRO

Here is a feature comparison between the Weedo X40 with stock firmware and the Weedo X40 PRO with firmware version There are no feature differences between the hardware variants V1 and V2, so no differentiation is made here.


Anyone who knows the Weedo 1.2.5 Stock Firmware will notice significant differences to the X40 PRO firmware!

Improvements have been integrated into many corners and bugs fixed.


Feature Weedo X40 Weedo X40 PRO
Target group Hobby user, Maker Professionals, Designer and Engineers
Usable hardware Weedo X40V1, Weedo X40V2 Weedo X40V1, Weedo X40V2
Firmware 1.2.5 (latest Stock Firmware) (Community Firmware)
Printer calibration An approximately correct calibration was saved in the printer by Weedo Each user has to do this for their own printer. An exact calibration depends on the exact dimensions of the printer, the belt tension and if necessary configuration.
Just installing firmware is not enough!
Supported Slicer Wiibuilder, Weedo Cura Ultimaker Cura 4.X and 5.X with X40 Community configuration
Calibration Not necessary, since no dimensional accuracy is required Extruder, axes and PID calibration required
Printing temperature up to 260°C up to 260°C, with HT upgrade up to 280°C
Part coolingsystem Weedo X40 X40-Community with better cooling
Usable Filaments All material up to 260°C, but not soft TPU and cooling-intensive filaments All material up to 260°C (280°C), but not soft TPU
Preview image Yes Yes with Cura plugin for Weedo X40 PRO
Automatic bed leveling 3 x 3 (9 Points) 5 x 5 (25 Points)
Repeatability Z homing and bed leveling bad (software bug) good
XY-Offset adjustment accuracy 0,1mm 0,01mm
Z-Offset adjustment accuracy  0,05mm 0,02mm
Z baby steps 0,05mm 0,02mm
Temperature selection at filament feed 4 options 6 options
Parameter backup and restore Just some parameters All important setup parameters 
POST (Self-test) default Enabled Disabled
Display information The weight was not calculated correctly, therefore unusable

The weight information has been replaced by information about the used extruder and nozzle diameter

Additional gcode commands None
  • G2/3: Arc command
  • M0: Pause command
  • M922: Turn automatic filament extrusion On/Off
  • M923: Turn multiple nozzle wipes On/Off
  • M924: Extruder change-over
Bug fixes and improvements None
  • Heating fail bug fixed
  • With Ultimaker Cura gcode, the heating up over the print object was eliminated in dual mode
  • With all setting functions, even in the event of an abort, the print head returns back to the parking position
  • Swap prime speed decresed from 600mm/m to 200mm/m (Bugfix for very stiff and soft filaments)
  • Bed Leveling crash after feeding with the right nozzle is fixed
  • Z-Offset Tune -> Quit / Recall / Crash bug is fixed
  • Unnecessary bed leveling has been removed from Z Offset and replaced with M420 S1
  • Head crash when printing with the right extruder at X=0 fixed (5mm offset to the right)
  • Runout Sensor control via gcode command fixed
  • If you change the extruder manually, e.g. because the right extruder is running out of filament and you want to continue printing with the left one, the unused extruder is now automatically switched off after the change and cools down completely.
  • English and german translation fixed
Options None
  • With the BMG Firmware you can use mirrored extruders like BMG extruder
  • With the High temperature upgrade you can print up to 280°C



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