Howto to use the X40 PRO Firmware with Weedo Cura or Wiibuilder

The X40 PRO firmware is actually designed to achieve good printing results together with Ultimaker Cura, but you can also use it with Weedo Cura and Wiibuilder. However, cooperation with Weedo Cura and Wiibuilder has not been tested. Unforeseen errors can therefore also occur. The conversion ot the X40 community cooling system is not absolutely necessary to use the firmware.

Info: The gcode generated by Ultimaker Cura is not 100% identical to that of Weedo Cura and Wiibuilder! The Weedo slicers control the printer a little differently, i.e. a kind of gcode dialect.


Using Weedo Cura and Wiibuilder with the X40 PRO firmware works, but is not supported by the X40 community. If there is a problem, please ask the user in the forum or switch completely to the X40 PRO system (Weedo X40 printer + X40 Community Coolingsystem upgrade + X40 PRO Firmware + Ultimaker Cura with X40-Community configuration).


In addition to many detailed improvements, other gcode commands have been added that can also be used with Weedo Cura and Wiibuilder.

For more information and feature see X40 PRO Firmware.

The X40 Pro firmware offers five additional Gcode commands compared to the Weedo stock firmware:

  • G2-G3 Command
    With normal gcode data, curves are divided into small line pieces, if the line length is too large, then the printout becomes angular. With the help of a plugin (Cura or Octoprint) the line segments can be converted from a line into a circle segment and printed using G/G3 commands. This improves the surface of a piece of a circle.
    Attention: The Marlin software contains some bugs with the G2/G3 command, which can lead to the printing being aborted!
    - Add G2/G3 via plugin

  • M0 Command
    The Weedo X40 can normally only be paused via the menu, but this is very annoying if you want to pause the printer at a certain layer or height, e.g. to be able to put a nut in a hexagonal hole. The X40 PRO firmware has an M0 command for this. Simply add the M0 command to the desired position in the gcode manually or via a script and the printer pauses until you start it again via the menu. The M0 command only works when you print from the MicroSD card. It doesn't work via USB cable/network!
    - Add M0 via plugin or text editor

  • M900 Command
    With the X40 PRO firmware, the Linear Advance feature is enabled, with which you can improve the corners of a printed object. I haven't seen any major benefits yet, so don't expect too much. For more information see Marlin Linear Advance.
    - Send or add M900 K0 to disable (default)
    - Send or add M900 K0.18 to activate with value 0.18

  • M922 Command
    With the M922 command you can turn on or off the pre-extrusion of filament that is performed before printing. Turn it off if you want to use a Prime Tower.
    - Send or add M922 S0 to disable
    - Send or add M922 S1 to activate

  • M923 Command
    The X40 PRO firmware offers a wiping function to clean the nozzle in the park position, which is carried out after the pre-extrude. With the M923 command you can switch the wiping function on or off. You can turn it off, if you use a Prime Tower or use the Weedo Cura, Wiibuilder Slicer.
    - Send or add M923 S0
    to disable
    - Send or add M923 S1 to activate


Firmware upgrade

Please note that a firmware update/upgrade can overwrite the configuration parameters of the printer. Before an update, you should therefore read out and write down all important parameters. The backup via the parameters integrated in the stock firmware does not save all data. The latest X40 PRO firmware, on the other hand, does.


To install the X40 PRO firmware you need the Flash software. For more information see X40 PRO Firmware.

You can of course switch back to stock firmware if you don't like the X40 PRO variant.


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