Weedo X40 USB Setup

The Weedo X40 mainboard R73 is equipped with the USB chip CH340G for connecting the printer to a PC. Since almost all PC operating systems do not have a suitable driver, you have to install the driver manually, otherwise no connection can be established.

The driver is also required if you want to install firmware updates with the Flashing Software!

Since installing drivers on the Raspberry Pi is not that easy and requires a lot of specialist knowledge, we have created a ready-to-use OctoPi distribution. As an X40 community member, you can simply download the finished image from the cloud and install it on the microSD card. Nothing more is necessary.


USB Setup

Depending on the operating system, install the appropriate drivers.


Transfer rate

For example, to connect Pronterface or Octoprint to the Weedo X40 printer, please set the baud rate to 115200. 


Connect the Ultimaker Cura to the printer via USB

In order to be able to connect Ultimaker Cura to the printer, the Ultimaker Cura software must be patched because the software does not support the required settings.

For more information see: Cura USB print

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