Duplicate and Mirror Mode for experts

Duplicate and Mirror Mode can be activated not only on the printer and the X40 community Octopi version, but also by adding gcode commands.

Paste the Duplicate or Mirror Mode commands just after the ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine line. The command for the print mode must come before the G28 command.


Dual mode duplicate command:

M605 S2


Dual mode mirrored command:

M605 S2

M605 S3


Dual mode normal (Default) command:

M605 S1


Print two different materials in duplicate and mirror mode

In Duplicate Mode, the right extruder and print head does exactly the same as the left, only with an offset. The nozzle temperature, cooling, etc. are therefore identical for both extruders. Normally, therefore, you can only use the same material for both extruders.

But with a little trick you can print two different materials. Since the bed temperature for the two materials cannot be different, the print bed temperature must be identical for both materials. If the material from the left extruder needs a bed temperature of 50°C for adhesion and that from the right extruder needs 90°C, then this will very probably not work even with an adhesion promoter. 

But it should work with a combination of PLA and PETG. The retraction cannot be influenced. If both require very different retraction lengths, then one has to reckon with the consequences, such as possible stringing.



Left Extruder PLA:

  • Printing temperatur: 205°C
  • Build plate temperatur: 60°C
  • Cooling: 100%


Right Extruder PETG:

  • Printing temperatur: 230°C
  • Build plate temperatur: 60°C
  • Cooling: 50%


Printing temperatur difference: 230°C - 205°C = 25°C


Dual mode duplicate command with PLA/PETG

M605 S2 R25  ;R = temperature difference


Look for all M106 command in the gcode and insert a P0 between the M106 and the S value. After that paste the right fan command.

M106 P1 S128 ;Cooling for right extruder S0 = 0%, S128 = 50%, S255 = 100%


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