Cura Idex Plugin for Weedo X40 / X40 PRO and other Idex printers

The Cura Idex plugin is still being planned or created. The planned range of functions can be found in the specification.



Project status (2023-03-09)

To Do Done
Create plugin specification 100%
Looking for programmers 100%
Determine programming costs 100% (600 EUR)
Collect donations 100%
Create SVG icons for the plugin 100%
Commission programming 0%
Programming from the plugin 0%
Functional check of the plugin 0%
Pay programmers 0%


Planed feature:

  • The plugin is configurable and can be used for any Idex printer

  • The plugin will only show up in Cura if the active printer matches the Idex printer list. For example, if you have set up the Ender 3 and the Weedo X40 in Cura, then the plugin will only appear on the Weedo X40.

  • After installing the Idex plugin, a new icon will appear on the left side of the Cura toolbar for a shared Idex printer. You can use this toolbar to set the print mode. Depending on the plugin configuration, different actions can be performed when selecting print.


    a) For example, selecting Single LH will enable the left extruder and disable the right one. All models on the platform are automatically assigned to the left extruder. The print bed can be used in its full size.
    b) When activating Duplicate Mode, the left extruder is activated and the right one deactivated, as with Single LH mode. After selecting the Duplicate Mode or by automatically inserting the Duplicate Mode commands, the right extruder does exactly the same as the left one, only with the appropriate offset that is set in the printer. However, activating duplicate mode also restricts the permissible print area. Incorrect positioning and corresponding collisions are thus excluded.

  • Optionally, when selecting the print mode, the control command for e.g. the duplicate mode can also be embedded in the gcode (insert Idex start and end G-code). This can be helpful if you want to start the printer remotely, e.g. via Octoprint.

  • With the plugin you can also print two different materials in duplicate and mirrored mode. If you activate "Use the material settings from both extruders", the right extruder will also be activated and you can select a different material. However, the
    materials from the left and right extruder should have the same print bed temperatures as possible. The setting enables e.g. PLA and PETG to print at the same time.

More information see plugin specification.

Demo Video on Youtube


Please note that the features are only planned! Whether everything can be implemented as planned will only become apparent during programming.


Supported printers:

  • Weedo X40
  • Weedo X40 PRO



Once programmed, the plugin will only be made available for download to all donors / X40 community members. The plugin will only be published after a successful test phase. How long the test phase will be is not defined and also depends on the developer.


Here is a small preview of what it should look like:

Print mode toolbar


Print mode toolbar functions


After selecting Mirror Mode, the permissible printing range for the left extruder is restricted so that incorrect positioning and the associated crash cannot be ruled out.


Extensive setting options from the plugin enable adaptation to different Idex printers and user needs.


Information about the supported printer. If your printer isn't listed, then the plugin doesn't work with the printer either!



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