Tarfuse ENVI 1 Filament from Grupa azoty

I did it again and I'm one of the first to test Tarfuse's brand new and eco-friendly ENVI 1 filament. Many are probably wondering who or what is Tarfuse and what kind of material is ENVI 1. Tarfuse is the filament brand of the Polish company Grupa azoty. I couldn't find out the composition of ENVI 1 until the end. 

Tarfuse envi 1 is derived from renewable raw materials and is designed to be fully biodegradable, which means that it breaks down in the environment in the presence of microorganisms. After the biodegradation process is complete, only natural and harmless substances such as water, CO2 and organic matter remain. In the case of pure PLA, the biodegradation process occurs relatively quickly in industrial composting facilities, in biologically less active environments, i. H. in home compost bins, much slower. Tarfuseâ envi 1 biodegrades faster than pure PLA thanks to its structure. Tarfuse envi 1 is formulated with the environment in mind as less CO2 is released into the atmosphere during degradation.

Tarfuse envi 1 is characterized by excellent printability and detail appearance thanks to very good adhesion between layers and low linear shrinkage. The Tarfuse®envi 1 filament is intended for printing display models and advertising details.


Technical data sheet



The first test print worked immediately and I was totally surprised. The Benchy printed with ENVI 1 with 0.2mm layer height has the best quality of all filament I have tested so far. The Benchy has no stringing at all, all bridges are printed extremely cleanly, all surfaces are very smooth and you hardly see the layers. Even the difficult overhangs on the Benchy bow are absolutely flawless. Please take a look at the enlarged photo of the Benchy (click on the photo), you will not find any major flaws. Just perfect.


During the print test, I also noticed that the notices about slow printing have to be taken first. You can get good printing results with 20-40mm/s, if you print too fast, then lumps and quirks, holes appear on the component.

You can soon download Ultimaker Cura 5.0/5.1 print profiles for the Weedo X40 PRO printer profile from the X40 Community Cloud.





I guess the filament is a PLA blend similar to NonOlien or Fiberlogy's PLA Mineral. If you have enough time, you can use the ENVI 1 to achieve excellent printing results in terms of optics. The layer adhesion also seems to be very good and the price of 35 EUR / kg is also still acceptable. On Polish sites you can even find it for 86 zt, which is the equivalent of less than 20 EUR.

The filament is ideal for figures, architectural models and the like. Due to the good layer adhesion, it is also quite stable, so I would even recommend it for first preliminary samples. The filament is not well suited for technical components because the dimensional accuracy and strength are not sufficient.
The filament seems to absorb moisture quickly and stringing occurs. Printing directly from the drying box is best.


Do something good for your environment and buy NonOilen, ENVI 1 or Allpha if you don't absolutely need other properties. 



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