In order to get good print results, the nozzle and print bed temperature must remain as constant as possible.

The firmware has integrated a control loop for this purpose.
PID stands for proportional, integral and differential. In contrast to a one-point or two-point controller, it is a so-called continuous controller. The variable to be controlled is the control deviation, i.e. the deviation between the target and actual states at a specific point in time.

In order for the PID to work properly, the firmware must be informed of the PID parameters. The firmware has an automatic function to determine the PID parameters.


We have determined the PID parameters for you and integrated them into the Cura start code. You don't really need to do anything that the printers of the Weedo X40 Kickstarter Edition should all be identical.

To compensate for any deviations, you could determine the parameters as follows.
As already described in Article How to calibrate the extruder, we use Prontaface again to send control commands to the printer.


Report default Firmware Settings



Switch on the left hotend fan

M106 E0 S255


Auto-tune hotend at 210 °C for 8 cycles:

M303 E0 C8 S210


After the process has been completed, make a note of the Kp, Ki and Kp parameters.


 Auto-tune bed at 60 °C for 8 cycles:

M303 E-1 C8 S60

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