Weedo X40 Community Coolingsystem

Anyone who has already printed a little more with the Weedo X40 Kickstarter Edition will have noticed that the printer does not quite achieve the print quality of a Creality Ender 3.

We have therefore carried out an analysis and found that the cooling system of the Weedo X40 does not cool the material sufficiently. In particular, materials that are more difficult to print, such as Extrudr BioFusion, cannot be printed without clear defects. Do not be confused by complete conversions in forums that are not necessary to improve the quality.

We have developed an improved cooling system for you that not only improves the print quality, but also as few parts as possible have to be changed. Weedo was also enthusiastic about the design and wanted a license to replicate it. But you can rebuild it with us for free!

Please respect our license and copyright. The rebuild is free. Modification of the 3D model, sale and publication of modified 3D models is not permitted. We reserve the right to take legal action if necessary.

The cooling system was developed and extensively tested by experts with many years of experience in plastics technology. Please stick to the documentation and only use the approved GreenTec Pro Filament. For safety reasons, it is not possible to use any other material!

I would say the system is still safe if the fans fail and the nozzle continues to heat up, which is not the case with many other DIY solutions.



The X40 Community Coolingsystem has the following advantages:

  • Higher volume throughput due to larger fans
  • Due to the stronger cooling capacity, some materials can also be printed faster
  • The fan seems to be more controllable, especially at low speeds
  • The air outlet opening is closer to the nozzle
  • The ventilation duct is very stable and does not break off immediately if warping occurs
  • The Hotend Cover can easily be dismantled e.g. to change the nozzle
  • The fan can easily be exchangen
  • Hotend cover can easily be printed by yourself (see cloud for instructions)
  • Further improvements cannot be ruled out ;-)







Printer calibration

A printer calibration is necessary for a good print result. Due to the changed cooling system, new PDI parameters (parameters for controlling the temperature of the nozzle) must be determined and communicated to the printer. The new X40 Community Cura configurations no longer contain PDI parameters in the start code. Please determine the PDI parameters yourself and save the settings in the EEPROM or enter them in the start code.


Here is the comparison of the cooling systems orig. Weedo X40 / X40 Community:

The same printing profile was used for prints, only the cooling system was replaced!

  • Material: Extrudr BioFusion
  • Printing Profile: Extrudur BioFusion Visual Normal, Layer hight 0,2mm


What is so difficult about printing from BioFusion filaments?

BioFusion only needs a little cooling for a layer that requires at least 15 seconds of printing time. If the part cooling is too strong, the layer adhesion is poor and the component is very brittle. If the part cooling is too low, there will be warpage or deformation. So you have to find the right cooling as exactly as possible and that is not possible with the orig. Weedo X40 part cooling. Either the cooling is too low or the fan does not turn although 20% cooling is set. If the printing of a layer takes a very short time, e.g. on the chimney of the Benchy, then a lot of cooling is required. The 100% cooling of the Weedo X40 is unfortunately not enough. Problems like this can be resolved with the X40 Community Cooling System. Even PLA that is easy to print benefits from the higher cooling capacity and often even better surfaces are created.


Click on the picture to see it bigger.




Weedo X40 Community Filament Trench

A filament trench was developed to match the cooling system, which transports the filament residues to a collection container.


  • Filament trench LH Rev. 01
  • Filement trench RH Rev. 01
  • Filament trench LH Rev. 00
  • Filement trench RH Rev. 00


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